Heidi Roussel is a contemporary artist living and working in the New Orleans area. Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Louisiana State University, she is well versed in many different mediums. In her current practice, Heidi uses acrylic paint to create moody scenes with heightened color and contrast.

Living in such a place as Southern Louisiana, Miss Roussel doesn’t have to look very far for inspiration. She often draws from her own life experiences. She observes and perceives the world around her, then uses what she’s learned from her observations along with the technique of exaggerated/vibrant color and expressive brush strokes to capture the energy of that thing, fleeting moment, or feeling.

She feels that her expressive works are more “realistic” in that the energy is trapped in the work forever. Heidi works to capture the essence of not only life in the south, but that magic, beauty, and wonder of the world around us. There is a certain type of magic that is encompassed in her environment. Feminist undertones and themes of duality show themselves time and again in this artists work.